Thursday, July 9, 2009

French Inspiration: Clémence Poésy
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I really admire her beauty and her inner beauty, in interviews she seems really down to earth and with
something interesting and intelligent to say. And I am also a fan of her acting, she does very well. And her
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These pictures are from Jalouse May 2009. It is really a beautiful editorial.
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By the way, she returns to the seventh and eight movie of Harry Potter.


Pretty Little World said...

I completely adore Clemence! She has such great style, and it never.ever seems like she's trying too hard.

this wheel's on fire said...

She is so gorgeous! I've actually never heard her in any interviews, but it's great that she seems down to earth.

Wow just by scanning your blog I know I'll be coming back often! xo

Yellow Cab said...

she's beatiful. love her.

Style and beyond said...

great style, chic parisian! LOOOVE :)

have a wonderful weekend sweet!

rebeca said...

me gustan las fotos de esta editorial!

Clara said...

I liked the first picture and wow! much love the previous post.

Edie, Brigitte and Jane said...

loveing the photos and her style! would love to have the leopard scarf!


Isabel said...

I adore this girl! She has a great sense of style and, as you said, is intelligent. I love the scarf she is wearing in the 3rd photo.

Myriam said...

i like these photos!

miky said...

she is so gorgeus