Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Today is the second anniversary of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I can't believe it has been
two years. I still remember when I was doing the line at midnight just to have my copy (very proud to say:
it is a first edition, like my Half-Blood Prince copy). I read it in two days, it is addictive and one thing you
have to know about me is that if I get into a book, I simply can't stop reading it, I don't want to sleep, I don't
want to eat, I basically just read. It is me, and that's the way I am, very obsessive person.
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How did I get so obsessed with Harry Potter? My dad has always encouraged me to read, and when I was
nine we went to a book store and as I didn't have a book to read, he suggested Harry Potter and the
Prisioner of Askaban, as the second movie had just came out and I wanted to know what happened next
(Always been curious). At first, I thought the book was to much words for me, so I kind of ignore it, or didn't
read it a lot (It took me a year to finish that book I tell you) But when the end of the book was coming, there
was what made it, there was where I became obsessed... and the other books I read them quite easily and
very fast, my record being Deathly Hallows of course, 2 days. This is my story with Harry Potter and how
I became a fan. These books have changed my life and I absolutely adore JK Rowling. And for you to know,
I prefer the books over the movies.


daftdaffy said...

perhaps you hadn't intended these photos to nothing than mere compliments to your blog, but i absolutely love them! especially the first. you're really pretty and pull off the reading look very well(:

nahir said...

ah si, se le da pero demasiado eso de parecerce a macca.
aparte cuando em entere de que salian juntos me vino una alegria extrema xD

saluros y que tenga buenos dias :)

Maxine said...

Aw thankyou!!

Cathy said...

someone i know once said that the book twilight is a fad, but harry potter is a way of life. i agree. hp<3

la petite mademoiselle said...

thanks a lot!
i am not really a harry potter fan, but yesterday i saw for the first time a harry potter movie, number 4 because clemence poesy is in the movie! hihi:P

Coco-Rocha-Fan said...

Well it's good to read but I'm not that interest on reading so good luck! I prefer seeing the movies

Casey said...

I only really started to get into reading when the twilight books came out. but now i can say that i have read all the hp books and am completely obsessed! i cried like a baby when i read the last one!

Martine said...

aw cute pics and hp is just amazing