Friday, July 31, 2009

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When my time comes to study a career I want to be a fashion designer. Good, creaitivity. Bad, even
though I know the basics of the career I don't think I even know half of it, and that really scares me,
because, if I am going to study the career, I should know what it involves.

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One thing that I have always wonder is how designers know what is going to be in trend in an specific
season and introduce that in their collections. I mean, some things are obvious like the color, but others,
not so much.

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And about the business in general? I think that if in the end I'm going to study fashion then I should study
something involving administration or economy.

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What do you think? All in all, Do making your own business in fashion seems difficult? Do you think I'm
crazy? But, don't worry much, I'm young, I am just going to begin high school so I have three years to
really think of it.


thatsorad said...

I love the guy in the right/ 2nd picture. Crazy pants and lepord shoes + a bow tie..... so awesome!

Marina S. said...

i love the jumper in the first pic!

Coco-Rocha-Fan said...

Well! I really love her look! Good looks make you a good designer right?

Yuka said...

there are trend predictables that predic trends 2 years in advanced. not too many designers pay attention to it, but it definitly gives me inspiration.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Go ahead, life is an adventure could be super fun!

Nathalie Snip said...

love these pics to

Romiina ,, said...

thanks for your response, I am trying to find it but I can not JAJA.
that good pictures :)

Jonathan said...

pues con respecto a lo k como sabes k c va volver trendy,pues dudee tu lo decides lo grandes diseƱadores son los k dictan eso y todo se basa en tu imaginacion, eso es lo padre de el diseƱo

Valentine said...

Im not claiming to be an expert but if there's one thing Ive learned about careers is that its better to go into it without knowing too much. Because then, you'd be like a sponge and soak up all the information available. Some people go into careers thinking they know all there is to know only to discover that they were wrong. Its better to learn along the way, no? :-) As for business.. any kind of business.. if you really enjoy what you're doing, the difficulties arent difficulties at all. They are mere challenges you have to overcome.. :-)


I love these photos.. Im such a big Valentine Fillol fan.. hehe..


K. said...

you know what the secret is?
Most designers-the real ones with the real creativity don't know what the next trend is-because at the point of where they are creating next seasons collection they're going off of what happened in previous collections of theirs and others they've liked but mostly off whatever inspires them-nature, architecture animals family a secret garden..and then when all the designers start to have their show the editors and style critics of those major mostly snobby magazines attend, sit in the front row it comes
when they retire back to their lairs to write up the article of the "latest trends" they make them up themselves by grouping together similarities between the designers current collection.
so if two three of four of the most elite houses have key pieces with animal print or big shoulders...that'll be in the magazine, and it goes on and on from there
hope that helps

catherine pri said...


Chih-Han Hsu said...

valentine is so beautiful, obsessed of her looks!

Natalie said...

I love all those looks, and Valentine helps make everything look cooler haha. It take a lot of money to start a fashion brand... but totally pays off once u make it big! :)