Thursday, December 10, 2009

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Driving Lessons-
I am taking driving lessons. This can mean two things:
1) I am learning how to drive a car.
2) I am learning how to drive my life.

I am learning how to drive my life because now I control myself without the aid of someone else. With responsibilities of my own, with my own decisions to make. I am learning how to drive my life because
now I am the one that choses the road to take. Now I am the one that decides to or not to change. I am
in control of my life because if I do something wrong I am the only one to blame.

I think that destiny is always involve in these kind of things. Even when we are the ones that choose the
life we held I believe destiny is involve. Always. Learning how to drive your life may be difficult at first or so
it is to me. But I think that experience is the best helping hand in this case.

And for you to know, I am taking driving lessons, the literal form, but I can't help believing that I am taking
them both.

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Clara said...

you have a great blog.

Jess said...

i totally agree - its tough to know where you're going when you don't really know what you want but as long as you're doing what makes you happy then i think it'll all work out :)

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

oh god i remember learning to drive. the freedom! the independence! amazing. enjoy it bubbles xxx

Melanie M said...

This post reminds me .. I NEED TO GET MY LICENSE. I have to wait until I'm 18. :<

Alex Dom said...

i agree, driving really gives you a feeling of independence!

agynessdeyn-online said...

excelent metaphor

The Fashion Seen said...

Practice makes perfect with driving...don't be scared and look at the vehicle as an extension of yourself.

charlotte lucy said...

i love my gives me so much independance that i didnt realise i was even missing.

and btw, your little image from marie antoinette is amazing, where did you find that?!


ANN said...

I love the first picture. I really, really need to get my license.

ღ♥ MY FASH' said...

Great text girl!! We love to be independent right!?

Thanks for the sweet comment, ur the best!


Fashion Nicotine said...

Thank you! Good luck with your license!


catherine pri said...

great text

Marina Siero said...

gracias por tu comentario!
bonitas fotos!

TheFashionAve said...

wow, I totally agree.
you took the words right out of my mouth!

jess said...

I love the last picture.

kanishk said...

i remember learning to drive. the freedom! the independence! amazing

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