Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 3: Your favorite television program
I actually have two favorite TV series. Gossip Girl & Skins. Why do I like them? Gossip Girl because I find
it quite funny and interesting, and of course I love Chuck & Blair. The drama in the series keeps me interested.
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And Skins is my passion. I simply love it, how it is so real and still manages to keep some fantasy. I love
the dialoges, the characters and most of all the charactors' history, their background, I think that in Skins,
the writer cares about the character's history because that is what makes them who they are and who
they will be.
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Leonor es gallardo said...

adoro esas fotosssss!!!
uno de los mejores capitulos de gossip girl, sin duda!!!!

te agrego!

wasteyourtime said...

extra├▒o esa antigua gossip girl ! demasiado...

Mara said...

Como me gusta esa escena de Gossip Girl que has puesto! B y S eran como las amigas perfectas :) y Skins es mi serie actual favorita (L)