Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 27: This Month, In Great Detail
Is almost the end of May and I am arranging my memories of this month.
I don't want to share everything in great detail because even i have forgotten some things, so I will share my
month in a vaguely way, very sorry.
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The first days of may I remembered planning my best friends' party (they're twins). Their birthday
is on May 7 and they turned 17. A great age, true to be told, and an amazing night too.
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with my friends, Raquel and Roberta
In this month I also experimented my last day of high school, I will return there until fall. It was a
nostalgic day because we were saying our good-byes to the people that are graduating and one of them
is a great friend of mine. I will of course, keep seeing her, but, next year she's going to Chicago or Vancouver,
and then I will miss her.
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Me with Isabela
During may It was also the birthday of my friend Claudia, which I met in high school and she turned
out to be a great friend. We planned for her a surprise party and it did work, she didn't found or anything.
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Me with Claudia
I started painting again, playing guitar, and taking pictures, I'm trying to build a portfolio and maybe
start writing a book. There are a lot of things in my mind lately that sometimes I don't even know the
time of the day. I am also planning my trip to New York next month.


lupe said...

I am also planning my trip to New York next month.


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