Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 25: Your day in great detail.
This sunday hasn't been my most productive day. I got up from my sleep and I think it was 11 something
in the morning. The first thing that I did was look for my sibling. Then I arranged myself some breakfast
which ended up being two cookies and a starbucks. Then I turned up my laptop and I was lost into
oblivion. Just kidding, I talked with my friend Lupe and we were pretty much very excited with our
mutual love for Severus Snape and all Harry Potter stuff related. And I had an obsession of reading
movie's quotes and pictures with subtitles. I decided it was idea to take a bath, so that is what
I did next. After my relaxing bath I ate lunch while listening to Devdendra Banhart and now I'm going
to see Lost in Translation. Is not in great detail but is more of a description than I usually do, I should be
studying for my final exam of Biology but I just can't. Have a happy Sunday.
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wasteyourtime said...

snape ! y bueno muchas otras cosas

lupe said...

JAJAJJA COMO DELIRAMOS POR DIOS, mi amor alan, yo me voy a casar con el, no matter what they say (?)

Anonymous said...

i loves me some alan rickman. fabulous photo.

xo Alison

agynessdeyn-online said...

toda la vida esta llena de suposiciones