Monday, December 19, 2011

Was never much but we made the most
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This post means I'm kind of back, not that anybody particularly cares but this "return", as I want to call it, is more because I want to, because I want to share stuff I like, fashion mainly, beautiful pictures, beautiful songs, interesting poems, my thoughts, etc.
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So, as of now, I wanted to share this Valentine Fillol-Cordier pictures because she truly is an inspiration for me, style-wise, and because I love this editorial, like a lot.

Also, one of the reasons I haven't been here in a lot of time is because I succumb to temptation in tumblr. I mean, I love blogger, don't misunderstand me, is where I begin my rambling and as I have said before, I find it more personal, mainly because no one I know from real life knows about this blog but in tumblr they do so... but that is not why I'm back, I'm back because I missed this place and this more personal interaction between bloggers.
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And I have SO much to talk about, what I want to do with my life, how am I going to get where I want to be in 15 years? And is a lot of rambling I have inside that no one really wants to hear, but whatever, I will spill it here. Be warned!
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I have been feeling more lonely lately, is, like, nobody really cares, except for my family I think, if I am there or not. Like I am not really neccesary for someone, I feel like I'm disposable in many many ways. And I don't know what to do about it. And I have this feeling of emptiness lately that no matter what I do is always there. Is weird.
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I question myself: What have you done with your life? What significant think that leaves a mark in some have you done? And the answer is "Nothing" and I come to the realization that I have been wasting my youth years, I have not done a single thing for others or even for myself, I haven't kiss anyone, I haven't gotten drunk, I haven't let loose in a night or I simple haven't done enought, and is frustrating because I keep telling to myself: "You're gonna do it. You're gonna live your life and enjoy yourself. Not now, next year, or even when you don't live here anymore, where you don't have all this pressure and when you can be yourself! And you know what, fuck that, I want to live now, not tomorrow, not next month and definitely not next year. My life is passing by and I am not enjoying it 100% and it pisses me off and Still I don't do a thing about it.
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The true is, I don't know how to begin. I don't know how to change my life for the better, how to organize myself, do productive things and not be a lazy person that just does nothing, literally nothing in her day. I don't know how to and I think it also influences that I am afraid of getting out of my comfort zone and even when I want to change, I do nothing and am still the same, but complaining. Is pathetic really, a pathetic cycle I am part of.
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Anyway, I think I kind of let myself go this time, which is good, in a way, but I think I'm being way to open, which normally I'm not because in real life I trust no one.
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So, the thing is, I want to focus on everything me on this blog. I will post art, my own (I love self promotion if you haven't notice), fashion editorials, fashion shows, etc (I love fashion), my outfits (some of them, because I am narcisistic as fuck) So yeah, probably going to be a generic blog but I don't think I care as much. But don't worry, I will post what I did post before, songs and poems. I love Jacques Prévert and I will still post my favorite poems, not only in french or in english, but In my native tongue, spanish.
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So, that's basically me as of now, and if you don't even remember me (It has been so long since I last really posted), this is a time for a new beginning: Hey! My name is Ingrid and I'm 18 years old.


isabelle said...

your blog is a breath of fresh air
love the soundtrack too


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Can't wait for more! Great inspiration. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

le monde de skadiida said...

amazing pictures (: