Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 26: Your week in great detail
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This week has been a little busy because I have been presenting my final exams. I finished this high
school's semester this friday. On Monday I had my Biology exam and I was a little nervous because this
is the subject in where I have more trouble, but in the end I got a good final grade, so I suppose my exam
was good. On Tuesday I had my Human Development exam and it was very easy but also very long,
you could use the book. On Wednesday I had Spanish and it was easy but also long. Then on Tuesday
I had Begins of Christian Life and on Friday I had Social Science. After the end of my exams I went
to the IHOP with some friends because we celebrated my friend's birthday. I had for breakfast Nutella's
crêpes. Then we went to the mall and made some window shopping in Zara. Let me tell I love those
clothes. After that I went to the cinema. And that night I have a family dinner so I saw my cousins.
I fall asleep with the feeling of the wind in my face. On Saturday morning I woke up and got ready
for my sabatine french class, where as always I felt I don't know french very much but I can defend
myself. On Sunday I woke up and I listened to the Smiths, and I decided I want to marry Alan Rickman
because of his amazing voice. I truly admire him and his work.


Sara said...

Thank you for your comment!

That skirt is great.
I like the recipes, I think I'll do some!

A kiss
Sara (

featherbrain said...

lovely picture, and amazing skirt!:)

Najwa Pervin said...

Hey ! It was really nice coming across your blog through the sisterhood :) I really like the skirt btw..Looking forward to a great time :)

Hablemos un poco de hombres said...

Te invito a mi nuevo blog; el tema principal es simple y conciso, y a la vez muy extenso y complejo: Los Hombres.
Te espero para que compartas conmigo tus experiencias, y me ayudes a comprender la insoportale confusión de la mente masculina.


thenextarrow said...

i adore the way this post is written. and the photo. lovely.

xo Alison


Love the skirt! I think Alan is a great actor

Anonymous said...

Que bonito conjunto llevas en la foto :) y lo que más me gusta de tu semana es: "On Sunday I woke up and I listened to the Smiths"... que bueno escucharles, yo esta mañana estuve escuchando Heaven Knows I'm miserable now.
Y Alan Rickman a mi también me encanta su voz, es un actor genial y muy carismático.

un bso!